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Fodder Green was been born out of concern for farmer’s sustainability and keeping them on the land.  Many years of hands-on experience in fodder production and system design has led to the greatest innovation to make producing fodder simple and extremely cost effective.

The Fodder Green system has been designed to grow fodder in the most efficient manner possible.  Research and years of practical application has taken the guess work out of growing low cost feed on farm. User friendly semi-automated systems mean less work for you.  Fodder Green is here to provide you with the most cost effective feeding solution you will find on the planet.   Fodder Green’s team will always ensure that you have a fully functioning system as we understand the importance of having to feed fresh fodder Green Fodder daily.

The Fodder Green team has a wealth of hands-on Hydroponic growing experience and our tailor made feeding programs will meet your needs.  Our commitment to our clients is that we will partner you the whole way to your success as we are dependent on your satisfaction.  We will design a business model that suits your goal w.r.t. feeding including showing you the potential R.O.I. and anticipated payback period.

Fodder Green is the only company that provides turnkey agricultural solutions right from animal genetics, the latest agronomy techniques for growing the best seed for your Fodder Green system, to purchasing your sprout fed livestock and processing the final quality produce at a better than market average price.  In our partnership team, we have the largest infrastructure in Fodder Fed agriculture in the world. 

One thing you can be sure of is that Fodder Green has some exciting research into new technology to improve our products going on all the time.  This ensures that we will always be ahead in the fodder pack!

Fodder Green also distributes its technology under distributor agreements.   To become involved in the best Fodder Company on the planet please click here.



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